If your iPhone screen has cracked or if it’s display has been affected, you need to take it to a licensed repair technician. However, instead of going with the first person you come across, it is better to do your due diligence. An iPhone is an expensive phone and you don’t want somebody tempering with it.  You must find a technician who will use genuine parts and ensure that your iPhone XS Replacement screen is just as good as your old one.

When should you consider replacing your iPhone XS screen

You should consider replacing the iPhone screen when it becomes cracked or shattered. If you have noticed dead pixels on the display, it is time that you take your phone to be repaired.

Apple screen repair services

Apple offers screen repair services however it doesn’t cover accidental damage. You will first have to schedule an appointment at the authorized service provider or an apple store. Make sure that you visit the store in person to get an estimate.

Troubleshoot IPhone XS screen issues

If it is not possible for you to visit an authorized dealer you might want to troubleshoot the screen on your own.

  • Restart your iPhone to consider minor glitches which might have caused the screen to malfunction.
  •  If restarting it won’t do the job you must try cleaning the screen because a dirty or a wet screen can become unresponsive. Use a lint free soft cloth and gently wipe it to get rid of the dirt.
  •  Try to disconnect the accessories like a USB that has been connected to your iPhone. Removing the accessories can cause the screen to respond because these might have been incompatible with your iPhone.
  •  Try updating your iPhone to the latest iOS update. It can often solve software related problems which might have caused your screen to malfunction.
  • If your screen has been damaged because of water you will first need to remove the phone case and dry the iPhone with a soft absorbent cloth. Remove the SIM tray and dry it as well and try to dispense excess water by placing the charging port downwards. Tap it against your hand and refrain from tapping it on a hard surface.
  •  Wait at least three to four hours before you try charging your device.
  •  If none of these worked, you must try to restore the iPhone to its factory settings. You’ll first have to back up your data to iCloud.

If your screen will still not start it is time that you consider professional help. The screen might not be working because of a hardware related issue. For that you will need to contact Apple support or visit an iPhone XS screen repair solution provider.

If your iPhone screen has stopped working, make sure to take the above mentioned troubleshooting steps before you take it to a repair technician. When you visit the iPhone technician make sure that you have read reviews by previous customers to know more about their quality of service.