This is not possible in Italy because only 26% of the studies have a website, often of little differentiation, used for promotional purposes and very little to build relationships with customers, both active and potential.

In Italy, the liberalization of the promotion of forensic activity is recent and there is still a consolidated group of legal marketing consultants: 1 consultant for every 8-10 thousand lawyers against 1 consultant for every 270 lawyers in the United States.

Here are the initiatives I suggest to have more customers and a continuous workload:

Marketing is a team and relationship game . Leave your office and go out to meet people. Be active in your community and build relationships within associations. Take part in the activities of Rotary and Lions clubs or other associations. Attend meetings and conventions attended by potential customers. Also offer yourself as specialized speakers on specific topics. These initiatives allow you to broaden your network of relationships.

Build lists of groups, companies or people, which could be a good target for you. Look for a topic that these lists have in common and then focus on one list for at least a semester. Choose one of the groups and focus on it to find out more about who is part of it, what interests it has, what the competitors are, what they read mainly and what they need for your legal services.

Propose to business associations to keep a legal column in their periodical. Give your availability to be part of some organizing committee.

Write articles for the local newspaper or send your notes to the editorial staff. Keep in touch with journalists who may interview you as an expert in case of particular news events.

Get yourself a website that acts as a lever for marketing tools such as newsletters, blogs, inbound marketing and lead generation actions. Also write white papers or ebooks on topics you know well. Place the web address on letterhead, business cards, folders. Also create a Facebook page and a LinkedIn card, both for the study, separate from the personal ones.