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Law services are extremely useful for everyone these days. In this fast moving corporate world, there are several cases of entities breaching others’ entities. In such cases, you need professional help and that is where we step in. We proudly state that they we are excellent at what we do.

Our Firm

Our firm is committed to make the lives of our clients easier and to make the access to lawyer services easier. Our vision is to care about our customers and to get them the rights that they deserve.

Our Practice

We offer a wide range of services to a wide variety of kinds of customers. Some of the best services that we offer include:

Corporate crime

Here at Bill Sykes, we will not only be fighting a case in the courtroom but also outside it. We can influence the case in our customers’ favor by investigations, negotiating with the prosecutors and so on.


risk management frameworks

Adding to this, we also review and improve the risk management frameworks to ensure the resistance to corporate crime


Anti-money laundering

Anti-money laundering and anti-bribery and two of our main areas of work.

Human rights

Human rights violations have become very common these days and the people are well aware of their rights now, therefore corporate entities need lawyers to defend them against those human rights cases. We offer the best human rights lawyer services. We perform human rights due diligence processes for corporate entities that involves a process of managing human rights impacts of a company on the people.

Other services

Other services that we offer include climate change, banking and finance, cybercrimes and so on.

Our Blog and News

5 marketing tips for lawyers and small law firms

5 marketing tips for lawyers and small law firms

This is not possible in Italy because only 26% of the studies have a website, often of little differentiation, used for promotional purposes and very little to build relationships with customers, both active and potential.

In Italy, the liberalization of the promotion of forensic activity is recent and there is still a consolidated group of legal marketing consultants: 1 consultant for every 8-10 thousand lawyers against 1 consultant for every 270 lawyers in the United States.

Here are the initiatives I suggest to have more customers and a continuous workload:

Marketing is a team and relationship game . Leave your office and go out to meet people. Be active in your community and build relationships within associations. Take part in the activities of Rotary and Lions clubs or other associations. Attend meetings and conventions attended by potential customers. Also offer yourself as specialized speakers on specific topics. These initiatives allow you to broaden your network of relationships.

Build lists of groups, companies or people, which could be a good target for you. Look for a topic that these lists have in common and then focus on one list for at least a semester. Choose one of the groups and focus on it to find out more about who is part of it, what interests it has, what the competitors are, what they read mainly and what they need for your legal services.

Propose to business associations to keep a legal column in their periodical. Give your availability to be part of some organizing committee.

Write articles for the local newspaper or send your notes to the editorial staff. Keep in touch with journalists who may interview you as an expert in case of particular news events.

Get yourself a website that acts as a lever for marketing tools such as newsletters, blogs, inbound marketing and lead generation actions. Also write white papers or ebooks on topics you know well. Place the web address on letterhead, business cards, folders. Also create a Facebook page and a LinkedIn card, both for the study, separate from the personal ones.

Strategies for the law firm: making it the reference point of the area

Strategies for the law firm: making it the reference point of the area

There are several strategies for the law firm, but very effective ones are few. Many are wrong when they invest in web marketing, they launch into investments of resources and time that often do not prove to be the decisive ones. We must therefore weigh well and evaluate how to move in order to achieve the objectives. The legal sector is increasingly competitive, so it is not necessarily the best one that is chosen, but more often it is the one that best advertises its law firm. A good site, a blog and taking care of online presence are certainly the first steps to make the law firm the reference point in the area and beyond.

If you are good you will be successful. How many times have your parents or teachers told you? It looks like this may indeed be a winning equation, but it doesn’t. Meritocracy does not always win over everything , like the noble warrior who defeats enemy armies. Nothing epic. Today the markets are globalized, all sectors are highly competitive, including the legal one. Being the best is no longer enough. You need to put in place the best strategies for the law firm in order to emerge among your competitors, because maybe they are no longer good, but they know how to promote better.

Today, being a lawyer is no longer like a few years ago, it is not enough to have a law firm and wait for clients to arrive because there are too many lawyers . crowded and the direct consequence of this phenomenon is intense competition and a leveled down turnover.

Working like this was certainly not your highest ambition, in reality it is not anyone’s. Yet you are good. You graduated with excellent marks, you studied a lot, did a lot of practice, but still not enough. Unfortunately, the one that is chosen is not always the best.

In a historical moment in which visibility is the master , the most successful lawyers are those who are perceived by users as a point of reference . If you don’t have a name, you don’t work the way you want.

There are some lawyers who have become very famous because they participate in television broadcasts and have great visibility. Not all lawyers, however, have the possibility of having passages on TV. But I will tell you, this is not the only way to be visible.

Marketing for law firms can do a lot to make your law firm visible and known , therefore to make you a point of reference for your area and beyond.

There are several strategies for the law firm that allow you to promote the law firm on the web and increase the clientele, today, moreover, you can do it without violating the legislation that still imposes different limits, although many less than a few years ago.

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